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Tahoe Standard DEM Data

The final piece of the Lake Tahoe Lidar dataset - standard digital elevation model (DEM) and intensity rasters - are now available for download from the OpenTopography standard DEM page. These products, produced by Watershed Sciences, the vendor who performed the Tahoe data collection, consist of three separate data layers all at 0.5 meter resolution in the ERDAS Imagine (.IMG) format:

Tools for Lidar Point Cloud Filtering / Classification

A relatively common question from OpenTopography users is how they can filter or classify a lidar dataset that was delivered by the data provider without ground (bare earth) returns differentiated from vegetation returns. The B4 lidar dataset, which covers the southern San Andreas and San Jacinto faults is a good example of a dataset where the lack of classification can be problematic for users, especially those working at higher elevations where vegetation can be dense.