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Information and discussion related to high-resolution lidar topography for the Earth sciences

LiDAR 101 Video

I just stumbled upon this LiDAR 101 video, produced by the Carl Vinson Institute of Government at University of Georgia, while Googling for something else. In ~13 minutes, it does a nice job of summarizing LiDAR technology, data products, the costs associated with acquiring data, and various applications. It is worth a watch if you are looking for a quick crash-course in LiDAR or need a video to show in the classroom:

Workshop Announcement: New Tools in Process-Based Analysis of Lidar Topographic Data

Please see the following announcement for an upcoming NSF-sponsored workshop on “New Tools in Process-Based Analysis of Lidar Topographic Data,” to be held June 1-2 at the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research (UCAR) in Boulder, Colorado. The goal of the workshop is to "provide researchers in Earth surface processes with an opportunity to gain hands-on knowledge in new methods for analyzing high-resolution topographic data. Participants should have active research projects using lidar data (airborne or ground-based).