Online Training

OpenTopography online training resources for self-paced learning.


Video Tutorials

Video Tutorials by OpenTopography team members on OpenTopography tools, ArcGIS, and CloudCompare


What is Lidar?

Learn the basics of what lidar is, how lidar works, and its applications


Topographic Differencing

Blog posts, tutorials, conference presentations, code, and an undergraduate exercise about vertical and 3D differencing

3D Printing

Tutorial and guides for producing 3D prints from digital elevation models (DEMs)

Geologic Mapping in ArcGIS Pro

Suite of tutorials demonstrates how to construct geologic maps from high resolution topography in ArcGIS Pro

Potree Treasure Hunt

Use the Potree point cloud viewer to display and interact with point clouds


Webinar Archive

Archive of OpenTopography webinars


Jupyter Notebooks

A collection of Jupyter Python Notebook examples utilizing OpenTopography data and processing resources interactively