OpenTopography Open Source Software

OpenTopography GitHubAll open source software algorithms and tools developed by OpenTopography are distributed via its GitHub space. OpenTopography’s GitHub space is also available to host software developed by our partners and the Earth science user community.

Software used by OpenTopography currently available via GitHub:

    Points2Grid - Points2Grid is a robust and scalable tool for gridding LIDAR point cloud data to generate Digital Elevation Models (DEM). Points2Grid uses a local gridding method to compute grid cell elevation using a neighborhood defined around each cell based on a search radius provided by the user.  More information about the algorithm and software is available on our Points2Grid page.
    Opal Toolkit - A toolkit for wrapping scientific applications as Web services developed at San Diego Supercomputer Center (where OpenTopography is also based). Provides features such as scheduling, standards-based Grid security and data management in an easy-to-use and configurable manner. OpenTopography's Web service architecture is built with Opal services, and we leverage many of the features provided by the toolkit.

Other Software in OpenTopography GitHub:

    myHadoop is a simple system for end-users to provision Hadoop instances on traditional supercomputing resources, without requiring any root privileges. Users may use myHadoop to configure and instantiate Hadoop on the fly via regular batch scripts.

Related Open Source Software Projects

The OpenTopography system is largely built on open source software, including code from the projects listed below. You can learn more about the OT cyberinfrastructure system from the OpenTopography: A Services Oriented Architecture for Community Access to LIDAR Topography paper and other publications.

    libLAS - libLAS is a C/C++ library for reading and writing the LAS lidar format. OT uses the libLAS libraries for various data preparation, query, and processing tasks.

    GDAL - The Geospatial Data Abstraction Library (GDAL), is a translator library for raster geospatial data formats.  OpenTopography uses GDAL for DEM format conversion and derived product generation.

    Geoportal Server - Esri Geoportal Server is a free, open source product that enables discovery and use of geospatial resources including datasets, rasters, and Web services. It helps organizations manage and publish metadata for their geospatial resources to let users discover and connect to those resources.