AGU Session: New Constraints on Active Fault Zones from Laser Scanning, Satellite Interferometry

Jun 17, 2011

Dear Colleagues,

We invite you to submit an abstract to the following 2011 AGU Session this Fall, deadline for abstract submissions is 4th August:

T36: New Constraints on Active Fault Zones from Integration of Laser Scanning, Satellite Interferometry and other Earth Imaging Methods

Convergence between geodesy, geospatial, earth imaging and geophysical technologies are enabling new insights into active deformation zones. We invite scientists who are integrating these tools and data sets to investigate active faulting to submit contributions on:- 1. High-resolution fault geometry and slip data from offset and deformed landforms using airborne and terrestrial laser scan data 2. Reconciliation of near-field and off-fault deformation fields for recent earthquakes 3. Geophysical constraints on 3D structure of neotectonic zones coupled with surface deformation 4. Modelling studies that use these data sets to constrain the earthquake cycle.

Christopher Crosby
San Diego Supercomputer Center, UC, San Diego

Kenneth McCaffrey
Univ Durham, UK

Ioannis Papanikolaou
Agri Univ, Athens, Greece