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NOAA-Funded Project Mapping Offshore San Andreas Fault

A NOAA expedition that concluded this past Sunday focused on mapping the offshore extent of the San Andreas fault at high-resolution. Using sonar mapping and other imaging and geophysical technologies, the NOAA-funded group, led by Chris Goldfinger from Oregon State University, is building a 3D model of the fault that they hope will reveal information about earthquake behavior as well as the role of the fault in undersea life:

LiDAR Beginning to Appear in Google Maps Terrain Layer

One of my favorite features in Google Maps is the terrain layer, which provides a shaded relief (aka hillshade) view of the topography derived from a digital elevation model. Google has done a nice job generating a visually pleasing terrain layer, and we use it for all of our Google Maps-based interfaces in OpenTopography. Google appears to use a range of digital elevation model data sources to derive the terrain layer.