Points2Grid Lidar Gridding Code Open Source Release

Jun 24, 2011

We're pleased to formally announce the open source release of the OpenTopography-developed Points2Grid algorithm for Digital Elevation Models generation from lidar point cloud data. Points2Grid is a robust and scalable local gridding tool for processing LIDAR point cloud data to DEMs. The algorithm uses a local gridding method to compute grid cell elevation using a neighborhood defined around each cell based on a search radius provided by the user.

Planned Outage May 3rd until 12 pm

May 3, 2011

Due to planned power system maintenance in the SDSC machine room, servers that provide OpenTopography lidar point cloud access and processing will be down on MAy 3rd, 2011. We expect this outage to be complete by 12 pm PDT. If you have questions or concerns please contact

Updates Improve OpenTopography Performance and Stability

Mar 30, 2011

As part of OpenTopography's ongoing efforts to provide quick and reliable access to lidar data and derived products (e.g., high-resolution DEMs), our latest system update (OT v. 3.1) features a number of improvements to the data access and processing system designed to improve performance and make OpenTopography more reliable under growing processing loads.


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