OpenTopography v 3.6 Release

Mar 7, 2012

Last week OpenTopography rolled out our latest round of software updates (OT version 3.6), which includes several changes to the OT portal user interface and data access features, as well as many updates behind the scenes to our systems and databases. A summary of new features and updates in this release:

User Interface and Data Access:

Updates Enhance Data Discovery, Increase Processing Speed, Add LAZ Support and More

Dec 21, 2011

It has been a busy fall at OpenTopography, with seemingly non-stop meetings, workshops and conferences to keep us busy. But fortunately the team has also been cranking away at adding significant improvements to the OT system. Over the past several months we've had two major software and system updates that added many features to OT, some of which are visible to users, while others are important updates to our underlying data management and processing systems.

Updated Tahoe Data Products

Sep 14, 2011

A revised set of data products for the Lake Tahoe Basin lidar dataset are now available via OpenTopography. This updated release addresses specific issues related to lake level elevation in the hyro-enforced bare earth surface model. Specifically, the data vendor, Watershed Sciences, reprocessed the hydro-enforced surface so that "all lakes were lowered to the lowest identified shoreline elevation to ensure a constant elevation equal to the shoreline elevation.


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