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OpenTopography: 2015 in Review Infographic

OpenTopography had a big year in 2015, and we continue to see exponential growth in number of users and jobs run to access and process data in 2015. We compiled metrics from the past year into this infographic to summarize OpenTopography use in 2015. We look forward to another year of growth in users and available data in 2016!

OpenTopography rides along on airborne lidar survey with NCALM

Recently, an OpenTopography team member had an opportunity to assist NCALM with their Seed grants campaign in October 2014. She was awarded a NCALM student Seed grant in winter 2014 and the data collection occurred in Fall 2014. This year's campaign included areas of Idaho, Montana, Colorado, California and Utah. Emily had a chance to assist with her own data collection with the NCALM team members in collecting two Seed datasets in Owen's Valley and the southern San Joaquin Valley.