Three large datasets over New Zealand now available

Jan 24, 2023

OpenTopography has recently added 3 new datasets over New Zealand that collectively cover over 28,000 km 2. The datasets cover the Canterbury region of the South Island, and the Taranaki and Northland regions of the North Island. These datasets are available through an ongoing collaboration between OpenTopography and LINZ that makes OpenTopography the primary distribution platform for point cloud data collected as part of the LINZ national elevation program.

Find the data here:

NOAA Coastal Lidar Data Now Available to Academic Users Through OpenTopography

Dec 8, 2022

We're pleased to announce that NOAA's Coastal Lidar Data holdings are now available to academic users of OpenTopography. This new functionality enables access to over 800 new datasets, covering almost 1.4 million km2 (6.92 trillion points), with additional data to be added as they become available. The OpenTopography platform adds value to these NOAA data by improving access and providing processing capabilities for subsetting, gridding, visualization, and hydrologic terrain analysis.

New 30m Digital Terrain Model Covering Continental Europe Now Available

Dec 1, 2022

OpenTopography is pleased to provide access to a unique Digital Terrain Model (DTM) for Continental Europe. Dr Tom Hengl at the OpenGeoHub foundation and his colleagues developed an Ensemble Machine Learning (EML) algorithm to predict the bare-earth terrain using publicly available Digital Surface Models (e.g. MERITDEM, AW3D30, GLO-30, EU DEM, GLAD canopy height). The EML was trained using over 9 million GEDI and ICESat-2 ground elevations.

Spring 2023 OpenTopography Webinar Series

Nov 21, 2022

OpenTopography invites you to join us for a series of weekly hour-long webinars beginning in March 2023. During the webinars, we will teach the basics of lidar, demonstrate how to use OpenTopography's growing set of on-demand processing tools, and present available resources and educational materials. The majority of the webinars will be a combination of a lecture on background material and a hands-on demonstration where participants will have the opportunity to use OpenTopography's tools to process and visualize topography data.


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