Introducing OT+ (OpenTopography Plus)

Mar 18, 2024

OpenTopography is happy to announce a new subscription-based program (OT+) to enable access to our platform of user-friendly services applied to high resolution lidar topography data covering the vast majority of the US’s lower 48, Hawaii, and territories.

Users will have access to OpenTopography’s user-friendly processing tools to generate and download point clouds, digital elevation models, topographic hillshades, contour lines, and other visualizations with just a few mouse clicks.

OT+ enables users in government and industry to efficiently and easily access high resolution topography data without the need for specialized software or local compute resources, saving valuable time and money.

OT+ Features:
  • Unlimited access to point cloud and 1 meter resolution digital elevation models (DEMs) covering the vast majority of the US and the polar regions via the OT portal. Datasets include USGS 3DEP, NOAA Coastal Lidar, and PGC's DEMs over the Arctic and Antarctic. Browse data available via OT+
  • Browser-based processing tools: Generate custom DEMs (inc. DTMs, DSMs), contour lines, topographic hillshades and other raster-based derivatives and visualizations, 3D point cloud visualizations, hydrology products, and vertical change maps.
  • Job processing capabilities: 500 sq km for high resolution DEM data, up to 250 million pts/job (roughly 10-50 sq km) for point cloud download and processing jobs.

OT+ Cost: $95 for access until September 15th, 2024 (one time payment)

Sign-up here for OT+
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Demo the OT platform with these open access datasets:

USGS 3DEP Lidar : Tucson, AZ
NOAA Coastal Lidar: Maui, HI