Four Datasets Now Available Including California, Idaho, Florida and North Carolina

May 14, 2012

We are pleased to announce that four new point clouds datasets have been posted to OpenTopography. The datasets were collected by the National Center for Airborne Laser Mapping (NCALM) and cover portions of California, Florida, Idaho and North Carolina. These datasets were collected for a variety of scientific purposes including identifying Scrub-Jay habitat, detecting a landscape's response to tectonics and looking at forest leaf structure.

8 Airborne Lidar Datasets from Idaho and 4 Terrestrial Laser Scans of Fault Ruptures Available

May 8, 2012

Now available through OpenTopography are twelve new airborne and terrestrial lidar datasets. Eight airborne datasets covering areas of Idaho are provided by the Idaho Lidar Consortium, US Forest Service, and several affiliated institutions and agencies. This release also includes four terrestrial laser scanning (TLS) datasets collected to accurately image surface rupture from earthquakes in Nevada and Mexico.

Idaho Lidar Consortium (ILC) Datasets

New Metadata Pages and Bulk Download Policy

Apr 10, 2012

OpenTopography is happy to announce several new system updates released this past Friday. These updates focus on metadata presentation, as well as some important changes to bulk data access via OpenTopography. Details:

New Data Including Hawaii Big Island, Salton Sea, and the Columbia River Basin Available

Apr 4, 2012

We are pleased to announce the release of seven new lidar point cloud datasets covering areas in California, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Michigan, Washington State, and British Columbia. These data cover a diverse array of geographic areas and feature high-resolution topography for active volcanic regions, fluvial systems, and tectonically active areas.

OpenTopography v 3.6 Release

Mar 7, 2012

Last week OpenTopography rolled out our latest round of software updates (OT version 3.6), which includes several changes to the OT portal user interface and data access features, as well as many updates behind the scenes to our systems and databases. A summary of new features and updates in this release:

User Interface and Data Access:


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