Additional Northern California GeoEarthScope LiDAR point data released

Feb 17, 2009

OpenTopography has released another batch of Northern California GeoEarthScope point cloud data. This release means that in addition to the full set of tile DEMs and the Google Earth-viewable hillshades, approximately 85% of the Northern California LiDAR point cloud data are accessible via OpenTopography. New regions available in this release include:

SDSC team begins cloud computing research with applications to LiDAR

Feb 16, 2009

OpenTopography team members at SDSC have received a new grant from the National Science Foundation to explore new ways for academic researchers to manage extremely large data sets hosted on massive, Internet-based commercial computer clusters, or what have become known as computing “clouds". This research will use the LiDAR topography data hosted by OpenTopography as a test case and will focus on how cloud computing can aid the management and processing of massive spatial data sets.

Update improves performance of NoCal LiDAR browsing in Google Earth

Feb 6, 2009

We are pleased to announce an updated version of the Northern California GeoEarthScope LiDAR in Google Earth capability that offers significantly improved browsing performance. This update features the same data as available in previous releases but achieves faster data loading in Google Earth through an updated image processing approach. In order to experience the improved performance it is necessary to download a new KMZ file.

Garlock LiDAR data is now available: GeoEarthScope SoCal airborne LiDAR project

Nov 25, 2008

Another round of GeoEarthScope LiDAR data is now available via OpenTopography. The much anticipated Garlock fault portion of the Southern & Eastern California acquisition can now be downloaded via OpenTopography in Google Earth hillshade overlay and standard tiled DEM formats. The full data release announcement:

We are pleased to announce the availability of new GeoEarthScope airborne LiDAR data products from the Southern/Eastern California project! This release includes full coverage of the Garlock fault.

OpenTopography Beta Release

Nov 7, 2008

We are pleased to announce the beta release of the OpenTopography Portal. We are still actively working to refine the user interface and navigation, and add content to the pages, but the core functionality of the system is ready and stable. For those of you that have used the GEON LiDAR Workflow running inside the GEON Portal, OpenTopography will be familiar.

Chaitan Baru to Present at 4th Annual Topo-Europe Meeting

Sep 23, 2008

The 4th International Topo-Europe Meeting will be held October 5-7, 2008, in Madrid, Spain. The aim of this meeting Is to provide an open forum for science on the feedbacks between deep Earth and surface processes. Chaitan Baru will attend and present a talk on GEON, on October 6th.


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