Introduction to the acquisition, visualization, and interpretation of airborne LiDAR-derived digital elevation models

2009 Geological Society of America Short Course
Oct. 17th and 18th, 2009 @ Portland State University

Instructors: Ian Madin, Oregon Dept. of Geology and Mineral Industries; Ralph Haugerud, USGS; Chris Crosby, San Diego Supercomputer Center; Michael Oskin, Univ. of California at Davis

Course Description: LiDAR-derived elevation datasets are becoming widely available and offer digital elevation models (DEMs) of unprecedented resolution and accuracy. This course will teach geoscientists to acquire, visualize, and analyze LiDAR-based DEMs. Guided tutorials on individual workstations will use ESRI ArcGIS software, GEON software products, and LiDAR viewing freeware. The field portion of the class will compare recent high-resolution LiDAR images with the real environment of the surrounding area. The instructors are geologists who have worked with LiDAR data for many years at UC-Davis, Arizona State Univ., the GEON program, and the Puget Sound and Oregon LiDAR Consortia.