Alaska Denali-Totschunda EarthScope Data Release

Dec 2, 2009

OpenTopography is pleased to release another round of EarthScope LiDAR topography data. These data cover the Denali and Totschunda faults in Alaska and include a portion of the surface rupture of the 2002 M7.9 Denali Fault Earthquake. Full data release announcement is below.

Slopeshade image of Alaska Denali-Totschunda EarthScope data in Google Earth


We are pleased to announce the availability of new EarthScope airborne LiDAR data products from Alaska! Data from the Denali and Totschunda faults are now available as hillshade images that can be viewed in Google Earth, as standard 0.5 m DEM tiles, and in raw point cloud format.

Like the rest of the EarthScope LiDAR data, these products are freely available from the OpenTopography portal at in the following formats:

Google Earth hillshades: The easiest way to explore this dataset, users can view filtered ("bare earth") and unfiltered hillshade images within Google Earth from two different illumination angles. The Google Earth KMZ for the Alaska dataset features a new "slopeshade" illumination layer which provides an alternative visualization of the high relief landscapes in this region. The hillshade KMZ file is available for downloaded at

Standard DEM tiles: For more advanced applications, filtered ("bare earth," fg*) and unfiltered (ug*) 0.5 m resolution digital elevation models in Arc Binary grid format are also available for download as 1 km^2 tiles. Users can browse and download the available data via an interactive map available at

OpenTopography also provides access to raw point cloud data and and web-based tools to process these data into custom DEM products:

We are also working hard to finalize the release of additional EarthScope LiDAR data in time for the Fall AGU meeting. Please stay tuned for further announcements and check the OpenTopography portal regularly over the course of the next two weeks for new data.

Best regards,
David Phillips and the EarthScope LiDAR team



Funding agency
- National Science Foundation

Project management

Data acquisition, processing and distribution
- National Center for Airborne Laser Mapping (NCALM): LiDAR data collection and processing
- Ohio State University (OSU): GPS data collection and processing
- Arizona State University (ASU): data distribution and analysis tools
- San Diego Supercomputer Center (SDSC): data distribution and analysis tools