Undergraduate Topographic Differencing Exercise

Sep 22, 2019

After a big earthquake happens people ask, ‘Where did the earthquake occur? How big was it? What type of fault was activated.’ We have designed an undergraduate laboratory exercise where students learn how geologists and geodesists use airborne lidar topography data to answer these questions for a synthetic earthquake along the Wasatch Fault in Salt Lake City, Utah. Students use high resolution topography data to measure how much and in what direction the ground moved during the earthquake.

New lidar dataset covering the Kaibab Plateau, AZ

Aug 15, 2019

Thanks to a collaboration with the Kaibab National Forest (U.S. Forest Service), OpenTopography is pleased to announce the release of high-resolution topography and forestry dataset over the Kaibab Plateau in Arizona. The purpose of this acquisition was to provide lidar data for portions of the Kaibab National Forest and Grand Canyon National Park on the Kaibab Plateau, in support of ongoing studies of Northern Goshawk demographics. Data were collected in summer 2012 and cover over 1800 km2 of the plateau with an average point density of more the 15 pt/m2.

Marlborough, New Zealand 2018 lidar point cloud data available

Aug 1, 2019

OpenTopography is pleased to announce the release of a new lidar dataset covering about 700 km2 of New Zealand's Marlborough region of the South Island. Data were collected during summer of 2018 and includes coverage of the cities of Picton and Blenheim.

Digital Surface Model of Ridgecrest, CA: Pre-July 2019 Earthquakes

Jul 9, 2019

OpenTopography is pleased to announce the release of digital surface model (DSM) that is a mosaic of 2 meter resolution stereogrammetric DSMs acquired prior to the July 2019 Ridgecrest, California earthquake sequence. This dataset covers over 10,000 km 2 of the region surrounding the recent earthquakes, and provides a unique opportunity for research of this event. This is a pre-release of a larger data set of California (CaliDEM) that will be fully submitted to OpenTopography at a later date.

New lidar dataset covering the Kern River Canyon, California

Jun 25, 2019

OpenTopography is pleased to announce the release of a lidar dataset covering 252 km2 covering the Kern River Canyon, California. Data were collected in October of 2016 by NCALM for Dr. William Krugh at California State University, Bakersfield as part of the Center for Climate and Natural Resource Solutions for Water-limited Regions project. This project is part of NSF's Center for Research Excellence in Science and Technology (CREST) program. NCALM is an NSF-funded center that supports the use of airborne laser mapping technology (a.k.a.

Pre and Post DEMs for 2013 Baluchistan Earthquake now available

May 28, 2019

OpenTopography is pleased to announce the release of a set of 2 meter DEMs from the 2013 Baluchistan 7.7 Mw earthquake. This dataset offers a unique opportunity to analyze topography both before and after the September 2013 seismic event. The DEMs were generated from in-track stereo imagery, as well as DEMs constructed from mixed pairs of non-in-track stereo images. A complete description of the generation of this dataset and the images that were used to construct the DEMs can be found in:


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