New Structure from Motion Dataset Near Bishop, CA.

Jul 9, 2020

OpenTopography has just released a new Structure from Motion (SfM) dataset that contains high resolution topography and orthomosaic imagery along three normal fault scarps in the Volcanic Tablelands near Bishop in Eastern California. In the Volcanic Tablelands, normal faults create prominent scarps that offset the Bishop Tuff. This area has been the focus of a number of studies on fault zone structural geology and geomorphology. Data was collected via uncrewed aerial vehicle (UAV) imagery over three fault scarps each with length of 2-4 km for a total area of approximately 4 km2.

Get the data:

RGB Point Cloud of Boulders
3D point cloud with points colored by RGB values

Hillshade on GoogleEarth
Digital Surface Model (DSM) hillshade along the fault and draped on Google Earth Imagery.