OpenTopography expands 3DEP data access to international academics, K-12 teachers, and informal educators

Sep 17, 2021

OpenTopography is happy to extend access to USGS 3D Elevation Program (3DEP) data (point clouds and 1m raster data) via our portal to international academics, K-12 teachers, and informal educators via a formal application process described here. Successful applicants will be able to seamlessly discover, download, and process the 3DEP dataset via the standard OpenTopography interface.

This expansion of access is a continuation of OpenTopography's pilot project where we made the 3DEP dataset available via our portal to US academics (with valid .edu email address). This new opening of the data supports OpenTopography's mission of democratizing access to high resolution earth-science topography datasets and effectively increases the value and impact of the important 3DEP nationwide data collection. Please note that at this time, 3DEP access via OpenTopography is not available for commercial, hobbyist, or governmental users. Other ways to access USGS 3DEP data are provided by the USGS here


3DEP lidar datasets available via OpenTopography as of September 2021.


The Roosevelt Dam in Arizona imaged with 3DEP lidar data colored by classification.