Geologic Mapping with High Resolution Topography in ArcGIS Pro

By Daniel Chupik

This suite of video tutorials demonstrates how to use ArcGIS Pro software and high resolution topography to construct geologic maps from start to finish. Viewers can follow along step by step by downloading the SP_Mountain dataset.

Full Video Playlist

Individual Videos

  1. How to Set Up a New Project and Import DEM [GeoTiff] into ArcGIS Pro
  2. Understanding Geographic and Projected Coordinate Systems & Projecting DEM in ArcGIS Pro
  3. Constructing Hillshade and Elevation Colorized Hillshade Maps in ArcGIS Pro
  4. How to Generate Slope and Aspect Maps in ArcGIS Pro
  5. Acquiring and Importing Google Earth Satellite Images into ArcGIS Pro
  6. Georeferencing Google Earth Satellite Image & Clip Raster Tool in ArcGIS Pro
  7. Measure Tool, 2D Topographic Profiles, and Contour Lines in ArcGIS Pro
  8. Visualizing Data in 3D Using Local Scene in ArcGIS Pro
  9. Creating Mapping Feature Datasets and Feature Classes in ArcGIS Pro
  10. Importing FGDC Standardized Mapping Symbology StyleFile into ArcGIS Pro
  11. Building Feature Class Symbology for Contacts & Linear Features in ArcGIS Pro
  12. Building Geologic Unit Polygon Symbology in ArcGIS Pro
  13. Deciding Publication & Digitization Scale & Drawing Map Border in ArcGIS Pro
  14. Choosing a Basemap, Drawing Linear Features, & Flip Line Tool in ArcGIS Pro
  15. Drawing Geologic Contacts in ArcGIS Pro
  16. Running Topology Wizard Tool (Error Checker) to Fix Geologic Linework in ArcGIS Pro
  17. Building Map Unit Polygons Using Feature To Polygon Tool in ArcGIS Pro
  18. Adding Map Unit Polygon Labels & Adjusting Label Properties in ArcGIS Pro
  19. Adding and Editing Contour Line Labels in ArcGIS Pro
  20. Exporting Layer Files (.lyrx) & Layer Packages (.lpkx) in ArcGIS Pro
  21. Final Geologic Map in 3D using ArcGIS Pro
  22. Exporting Map PDF using Layout View in ArcGIS Pro
  23. Export Oblique View of Map from Local Scene in ArcGIS Pro
  24. Package & Export All Project Files in ArcGIS Pro