Workshop: From point clouds and full-waveform data to DEM analysis, Potsdam, Germany

Jul 28, 2019

OpenTopography is happy to co-sponsor and co-organize this exciting workshop September 30 to October 4, 2019 in Potsdam, Germany. Thanks to support from our NSF EarthCube A^2HRT RCN, we will provide travel support for up to five early career participants from the US.


In the past few years, the density and quality of point cloud data from lidar and photogrammetry has massively increased. This has enabled important new understanding in earth surface process science, but also has challenged our analytical tools and computational workflows. The generation of high resolution Digital Elevation Models, flow routing on point clouds, and surface roughness estimation has become more accessible and provides important measures of topography at the fine scale at which the processes operate. This workshop presents approaches to analyzing point cloud data and producing useful derived products. It also explores future applications in earth surface processes.

The workshop will progress from point cloud analysis to appropriate filtering and gridding and then geomorphic analysis on grids and point clouds. In addition, we will spend one day on explorations of full waveform analyses for a variety of applications as these data are progressively becoming more available and useful for bathymetric, vegetation, surface roughness measurements, and material property mapping.

This course is intended for graduate students and researchers with interests in surface processes and with experience in programming (Python and Matlab).

See the workshop webpage for more details, including agenda.

Organization Committee and Instructors
Bodo Bookhagen, Ramon Arrowsmith, Chris Crosby, Taylor Smith, Fiona Clubb, Aljoscha Rheinwalt

Apply online via this application form. Deadline is August 16th, 2019.