New 30m Digital Terrain Model Covering Continental Europe Now Available

Dec 1, 2022

OpenTopography is pleased to provide access to a unique Digital Terrain Model (DTM) for Continental Europe. Dr Tom Hengl at the OpenGeoHub foundation and his colleagues developed an Ensemble Machine Learning (EML) algorithm to predict the bare-earth terrain using publicly available Digital Surface Models (e.g. MERITDEM, AW3D30, GLO-30, EU DEM, GLAD canopy height). The EML was trained using over 9 million GEDI and ICESat-2 ground elevations. The resulting dataset provides a bare-earth terrain model of Continental Europe at 30 meter spatial resolution.

To access the data via OpenTopography:

Details on the work to create this dataset can be found here:


Hillshade of Mt Etna
Colored hillshade of a digital terrain model of Mt Etna, Sicily with contours overlaid.

Extract Data using OpenTopography's API

In addition to the OpenTopography Portal, the European Digital Terrain Model dataset is available through the OpenTopography Global Datasets API. For more more details on how to use the API see the docs here. The API can be accessed via standard curl command such as:

curl -X GET "[YourAPIKeyHere]" -H "accept: */*"

Or via a standard http request with the following URI:[YourAPIKeyHere]

Users can easily register for a free OpenTopography account and request an API key that can be used for API requests. Details on how to obtain an API key can be found here


Hillshade of Norway Fjords
Hillshade of a digital terrain model of fjords in Norway. Hillshade was created from the DTM downloaded from OpenTopography with the API commands above.