2023 GSA Introduction to OpenTopography Short Course

2023 Geological Society of America (GSA) Short Course :
516. Introduction to OpenTopography for Research and Education.

Saturday, October 14th, 2023 9 a.m.–5 p.m.

Location: Butler East, The Westin Pittsburgh Hotel

Instructors: Christopher Crosby, UNAVCO & J Ramon Arrowsmith Arizona State University

Presentation slides: Introduction to OpenTopography

Other Resources:

Course Description:
Topographic data such as lidar and structure from motion photogrammetry have transformed geoscience research and education. OpenTopography is an initiative supported by the National Science Foundation that strives to streamline hosting, discovery, and processing of topographic data, with web-based tools for data visualization, custom product generation, and advanced analysis such as hydrologic routing and topographic differencing. Presently, lidar covering >85% of the lower 48 United States, as well as lower resolution global topographic data, are freely available through OpenTopography. This short course will provide an introduction to the various types of topographic data available to the Earth science community and hands-on examples of how to use OpenTopography tools to streamline access to these data. We will review available training resources, as well as educational curriculum. This short course is appropriate for students, faculty, researchers, and professional geoscientists seeking to learn more about topographic data and freely available resources to streamline their use of these data. We’ll focus on practical “tips and tricks” to using OpenTopography and high-resolution topographic data.

Participant Guidelines:
Our goal is to run this short course with only the OpenTopography web-based interface. Participants should bring a laptop capable of connecting to the GSA wifi network. Ideally the machine would have a webGL enabled browser (Chrome, Firefox).

Tentative Agenda:

    9:00 am Welcome and course introduction. Around the room intros. (Crosby)
    9:30 am Introduction to topography and scientific motivations (Arrowsmith)
    10:00 am Short tour of the OT web site (Crosby)
    10:30 am Break
    10:45 am Review of basic digital topography concepts; how we measure topography (radar, lidar); Digital Elevation Models. Guided OT exercises. (Crosby)
    12:00 Lunch break
    1:00 pm Review of basic digital topography concepts continued; SfM short overview. Guided OT exercises. (Arrowsmith)
    2:00 pm Intro to other (educational etc.) OT resources. (Crosby)
    2:45 pm Introduction to independent projects & Break
    4 pm Participant project presentations (5 slides: Research or educational question and why important; data set and processing; results; future work/questions)
    4:45pm Final discussion
    5 pm Short Course End