Query by classification bug corrected

Sep 29, 2010

Today we corrected a significant bug in the OpenTopography point cloud access and processing system that was introduced at the OT 2.2 release two weeks ago. The bug, which we missed in beta testing, also went unreported by users over the past two weeks despite significantly impacting data products generated by OpenTopography. Specifically, the bug interfered with the ability to select a subset of point cloud data based on point cloud classification type (e.g. "ground only"). This means that regardless of what classification was selected by the user, the system returned all points in a selected area. The bug affected seven out of eleven OT-hosted datasets.

We apologize to users who have used the OpenTopography system in the past two weeks to access point cloud data and may have been effected by this bug. If you have questions or concerns, please email info@opentopography.org