Pre and Post DEMs for 2013 Baluchistan Earthquake now available

May 28, 2019

OpenTopography is pleased to announce the release of a set of 2 meter DEMs from the 2013 Baluchistan 7.7 Mw earthquake. This dataset offers a unique opportunity to analyze topography both before and after the September 2013 seismic event. The DEMs were generated from in-track stereo imagery, as well as DEMs constructed from mixed pairs of non-in-track stereo images. A complete description of the generation of this dataset and the images that were used to construct the DEMs can be found in:

Barnhart WD, Gold RD, Shea HN, Peterson KE, Briggs RW, Harbor DJ (2019) Vertical coseismic offsets derived from high-resolution stereogrammetric DSM differencing: The 2013 Baluchistan, Pakistan earthquake, JGR-Solid Earth.

Hillshade of section of Pre-Earthquake DEM
Hillshade of DEM of pre-earthquake topography near the epicenter of the 2013 Baluchistan earthquake