OpenTopography v 3.6 Release

Mar 7, 2012

Last week OpenTopography rolled out our latest round of software updates (OT version 3.6), which includes several changes to the OT portal user interface and data access features, as well as many updates behind the scenes to our systems and databases. A summary of new features and updates in this release:

User Interface and Data Access:

  • Updates to the dataset listing pages (Point Cloud, Standard DEMs, and Google Earth Image Overlays) including the inclusion of a "filter bar" which allows users to filter datasets by collection platform (e.g., airborne or terrestrial), dataset funder and dataset collector. Note that the URLs to these pages have changed as a result of this update; we've made every effort to provide redirects, but in some cases your bookmarks may no longer be valid. We apologize for the inconvenience.
  • Derivate products (slope and hillshade products) can now be generated in either GeoTIFF and ERDAS IMG formats.
  • Dataset survey date(s) are now specified both on the dataset landing pages as well as in the Find Data map interface.

Services, Systems, and Admin Interfaces:

  • New OpenTopography administrator interfaces for streamlined dataset publication and editing from the browser.
  • Updates to the derivate products web service to add additional formats (see above), and address bug related to vertical scaling of datasets in geographic coordinates.
  • Various database changes and improvements; miscellaneous bug fixes.