OpenTopography summer 2022 internship opportunity

Dec 21, 2021

OpenTopography will be hiring at least one Data Science intern this summer via the UNAVCO Summer Internship Program (USIP). The intern(s) will work with the OpenTopography team to develop workflows and services related to processing, analysis, and/or visualization of topographic data managed by OpenTopography ( These include lidar, photogrammetry, and radar data in point cloud and raster formats. The intern will construct the workflow, author documentation, and deploy the workflows as notebooks that will be transportable and scalable, allowing them to be deployed in environments from laptops, to local clusters and the cloud. The project will rely on resources such as GitLab, Jupyter Notebooks, and open source geospatial software. Additional potential tasks, as a function of the intern’s skills and interests, could include development of training resources such as written and/or video tutorials, and education and outreach materials. See the job posting for full position details and required and preferred skills.

The USIP intern program is open to graduate and upper level undergraduate student in earth sciences, computer science, geography, engineering, or related fields. USIP internships are full-time for 11 weeks beginning May 16th or May 23rd, 2022. Interns receive a weekly stipend of $800. The application deadline is February 8, 2022 at 11:59PM, Mountain Time. Learn more and apply here.