OpenTopography featured in "Lidar Magazine"

Jan 5, 2023

OpenTopography is pleased to announce a feature in the latest issue of Lidar Magazine. Our article, "The Impact of Open Access Lidar Topography," highlights OpenTopography’s decade-long and successful open data hosting partnership with the state of Indiana. We also present the first ever lidar-based map of statewide topographic change.

OpenTopography facilitates user-friendly and open access to large volumes of topography data and derivative products like DEMs, hillshades, contours, and 3D visualization. These datasets are acquired using lidar, photogrammetry, and radar technologies. The open, web-based, seamless access pathway that OpenTopography provides substantially increases data use and maximizes the return on investment in the initial collection of high resolution topographic data.

Read the article here.

The Impact of Open Access Lidar Topography in Lidar Magazine.