New Waikato, Canterbury, and Manawatu - Whanganui, New Zealand Lidar Data

Jan 8, 2024

Three new Land Information New Zealand (LINZ) datasets are now available through OpenTopography. These datasets are available through an ongoing collaboration between OpenTopography and LINZ that makes OpenTopography the primary distribution platform for point cloud data collected as part of the LINZ National Elevation Program. These new datasets collectively add over 9,300 km2 of high resolution topographic data (see areas in red in figure below).

Find the data here:


LINZ coverage for new datasets
Spatial coverage of new LINZ datasets in red.


NZ21 Waikato CHM
Canopy Height Model (CHM) over a section of Pirongia Forest Park, Waikato. Areas in dark green contain trees over 17 meters (~55 feet) in height. (Data from: Waikato, New Zealand 2021)


3D Point cloud of Harbor
3D point cloud colored by elevation of a harbor in the Canterbury Region. (Data from: Canterbury, New Zealand 2020-2022)


Rangitikei DTM
Topography over a section of the Rangitikei District. Digital terrain model (DTM) is colored by elevation and draped on Google Earth Imagery (Data from: Manawatu - Whanganui, New Zealand 2022-2023)