New NCALM dataset over the Wax Lake Delta, LA available

Aug 10, 2022

A new lidar dataset covering 53 km2 in the Wax Lake Delta, LA is now available on OpenTopography. This lidar dataset was collected by the National Center for Airborne Laser Mapping (NCALM) as part of the Seed grant program for Justin Nghiem at the California Institute of Technology. This dataset was collected with both an infrared and green channel to enable collection of bathymetry as well as the ground surface and will enable research to help understand modern coastal sediment accretion rates and spatial patterns in the Wax Lake Delta, LA

NCALM is an NSF-funded center that supports the use of airborne laser mapping technology (a.k.a. lidar) in the scientific community and is jointly operated by the Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering, Cullen College of Engineering, University of Houston and the Department of Earth and Planetary Science, University of California, Berkeley. OpenTopography is the primary distributor of NCALM data.

Find the data here:

Hillshade on DTM
Hillshade draped on a Digital Terrain Model (DTM) colored by elevation.

Colored hillshade of a DTM over a portion of the Wax Delta.
Colored hillshade of a DTM over a portion of the Wax Lake Delta.