An Update on Southern California LiDAR Coverage of Active Faults

Sep 15, 2009

OpenTopography has released yet another round of GeoEarthScope LiDAR data for active faults in southern California. The most recent release includes the Elsinore fault, the Burro Flats segment of San Andreas fault, and the Crater Mountain portion of the Owens Valley, adding to the existing SoCal fault coverage that includes the Garlock, the San Andreas and San Jacinto and a number of faults in the Eastern California Shear Zone in the Mojave. At the Southern California Earthquake Center Annual Meeting in Palm Springs this week, I presented a poster that provides an update on the status of LiDAR coverage for active faults in southern California available via OpenTopography. The image below comes from my poster and nicely summarizes the southern California LiDAR data currently available via OpenTopography as well as what will be available in the near future.


As you can see, if the area is shown in yellow, those data were collected by GeoEarthScope and are currently available via OpenTopography. Likewise, areas outlined in orange are also available via OpenTopography, but these data were collected by campaigns other than GeoEarthScope (e.g. the B4 and the ECSZ projects). Finally, areas shown in green are GeoEarthScope data that have not been delivered to OpenTopography for distribution to the community but that we expect to arrive in the next few months. As always, you can use the data overview page in OpenTopography to see what data is available in the system.