OpenTopography Hardware

Mar 6, 2009

Today the GEON team was in the SDSC machine room moving GEON and OpenTopography machines to new racks as part of a reorganization of the machine room. Since I don't visit the machine room very often, I took some photos of the hardware that makes OpenTopo work. This photo shows the rack that holds the OpenTopo Portal (Gridsphere) server as well as the LIDAR database cluster (8 front-end nodes plus a four node disk array (20 TB total). In a different rack is the 3 node compute cluster for LIDAR data processing (DEM generation) and the visualization machine that generates the browse images (jpgs) and Google Earth KMZ files for each job. Other hardware involved in making OpenTopography work is the SDSC "webfarm" server that runs the website and the tile DEM server that is currently running at ASU.