LiDAR - Illuminating Earthquake Hazards Video Premiered at SCEC Annual Meeting

Sep 13, 2010

As part of a Southern California Earthquake Center (SCEC) and OpenTopography collaboration, Sarah Robinson (ASU M.S. student) and Andrew Whitesides (USC undergraduate) - supported by SCEC's ACCESS program (Advancement of Cyberinfrastructure Careers through Earthquake System Science) and in collaboration with numerous SCEC scientists and the OpenTopography team - have produced a new educational video entitled LiDAR - Illuminating Earthquake Hazards. The video provides an introduction to both LiDAR technology as well as the earthquake science that is being done with the data.

The video premiered at this week's SCEC Annual Meeting in Palm Springs and has been posted to OpenTopography's YouTube channel

Congratulations to Sarah and Andrew, a lot of hard work went into making this video a reality, and thanks to everyone who supported the effort.