Digital Landscapes Sessions at 2014 EGU Meeting

Dec 6, 2013

A series of three related sessions at next spring's European Geoscience Union meeting in Vienna - (27 April – 02 May, 2013) - that should be of interest to the OpenTopography community. All three sessions focus on "Digital Landscapes", and are part of the "GM2 - Geomorphometry" program group:

GM2.1 - Digital Landscapes: Insights into geomorphological processes from quantitative interrogation and use

We encourage abstracts which concern the exploitation of elevation data for geomorphological analysis. This inter-disciplinary session will highlight developments driving innovation in the exciting uses of digital landscapes (DEM, DTM, or DSM) of the Earth, seafloor or planetary terrains. Much interest is expected in high-resolution DEMs on Earth, but any data source (e.g. laser scanning, SAR, photogrammetry, structure from motion, satellite-derived) is welcome.

GM2.2 - Digital Landscapes: Insights into geomorphological processes from high-resolution topography

This session focuses on advances in close-range high-resolution surveying technology in the geosciences. These technologies allow geomorphologists and geoscientists to benefit from capturing data at both higher spatial resolution and improved precision to monitor and understand landscape evolution. Special attention is paid to data acquisition, data assessment and data handling related to high-resolution process analysis to discuss new technologies, applications and workflows.

GM2.3 - Digital Landscapes: Insights into geomorphological processes from geomorphological mapping

The session focuses on geomorphological maps. These have played an important role in various fields of geomorphology and the geosciences owing to their predictive power for e.g. soil and geohazard mapping purposes. This sub-session focusses on recent advances in generating, assessing, utilizing and disseminating geomorphological maps at different spatial scales and variable environments.

All three sessions above are PICOs (Presenting Interactive COntents) - PICO combines the best of oral and poster presentations, allowing researchers to stand up be recognized for great research by making an oral contribution as well as discuss their work in detail and network with other participants. More about PICO sessions here:

The abstract deadline for the sessions above is January 16, 2014.