Workshop: Introduction to Lidar, Data Access, and Processing with OpenTopography. AGIC, Prescott, AZ - October 4th 2019

Aug 27, 2019

OpenTopography will be attending the Arizona Geographic Information Council (AGIC) meeting in Prescott, AZ from October 1 - 4 2019. Members of the OpenTopography will be staffing a booth, so please come by and say hello - it is a great chance to ask questions, provide feedback, or to discuss lidar, high resolution topography, and cyberinfrastructure.

As part of this year's AGIC, we will be hosting a half day tutorial on using lidar data and OpenTopography. The workshop is intended for geospatial professionals seeking an introduction to lidar technology, as well as data discovery, access, and analysis using OpenTopography. Participants in this workshop should expect to gain a deeper understanding of lidar technology and data (including data acquisition, DEM processing, point classification) as well as learn how to visualize point clouds and raster datasets using OpenTopography.

To find out more about this one-day workshop opportunity please visit the AGIC meeting site

Details on how to register for a workshop can be found here