Video demonstrations of basic visualization and analysis of lidar topography in ArcGIS

Exercise 1: Basic visualization of lidar Digital Elevation Models using ArcGIS

Load and fix a standard DEM (no info file) into ArcMap 10:

Import an XYZ DEM into ArcMap 10:

Mosaic standard DEMs into new raster in ArcMap:

Combine color gradient of topography for elevation with the hillshade to make a nice map for visualization:

Make a simple map layout, explanation, and export to PDF:

Make a slope map and a slopeshade in ArcMap:

Compute and display contours in ArcMap:

Point and Profile queries:

Canopy height maps (Raster Math):

Compute watershed grids: fill, flow direction, and flow accumulation in ArcMap:

Visualize drainage network and relief in ArcScene: