OpenTopography has developed a wealth of resources for users to better interrogate, interpolate and research with lidar data. Short courses that have been offered over the years have generated many materials relevant to lidar data users. These materials as well as others sourced from lidar focused organizations, have been organized into three webpages based on whom the materials cater to: Resources for Educators, Resources for Students, and Resources for Researchers. If you are currently using OpenTopography in the classroom and would like to share your documents or lesson plans with the community please contact us at:

Resources for Educators

This page highlights resources and documents related to using lidar topography and OpenTopography in the classroom.

Resources for Students

This page provides links to resources related to using lidar topography and OpenTopography for students at the undergraduate and graduate level.

Resources for Researchers

This page provides links to resources and documents that explain methods, describe tools, and highlight considerations for using lidar data in research.

OpenTopography Developed Resources

OpenLandform Catalog

The OpenTopography OpenLandform Catalog serves as a resource to explore geologic landforms in high resolution digital topography for teachers, students or any interested user. This resource brings real world cutting edge digital topographic data to an accessible level that can be interrogated and explored using free tools, such as Google Earth.
imageimageimageimage(left to right) Wallace Creek hillshade image, point cloud image, and Fish Springs Cinder Cone hillshade image, point cloud image.