As an NSF data facility, OpenTopography is available to support NSF-funded PIs and projects that have previously acquired or are in the planning phases of acquiring lidar topography data. Please email for more information on the services below:

    Data hosting and distribution: OpenTopography is available to host NSF-funded topography data collections. This service can be used to fulfill NSF requirements for Dissemination and Sharing of Research Results and the new (as of January 18, 2011) Data Management Plan Requirement. In the case of recently acquired data still under embargo, OpenTopography can provide login-restricted access to data, permitting a PI, students, and collaborators to utilize OpenTopography in their research without sharing the data openly.

    Consultation on data specifications, deliverables, request for proposals (RFP) design, and other issues that contribute to ensuring research quality data.

    Lidar data training: OpenTopography is available to run short courses and training in the basics of lidar technology, data management and processing, and Earth science-oriented data analysis approaches. OpenTopography has run a number of these courses in the past (see our Workshops page for more information), providing hands-on training to over 200 Earth scientists, and are always seeking new collaborative opportunities for future courses.

    Content hosting: OpenTopography is available to host content from workshops, short courses, and other events that are focused on the application of high-resolution topography in the Earth Sciences.

    Project collaboration: OpenTopography has built a strong cyberinfrastructure framework for managing and processing high-resolution topography data from lidar. We are always excited to pursue new research and development activities that leverage both our existing infrastructure as well as lidar data expertise.

For non-NSF funded groups and organizations, the OpenTopography services listed above are also available. We actively seek partnerships with other organizations to leverage the OpenTopography cyberinfrastructure for data access. We are especially interested in data that meets the objectives outlined in our data policy. Please email for more information.