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Measuring Earthquake-Generated Surface Offsets from Lidar

David Haddad, a PhD student at Arizona State University and one of the most frequent users of OpenTopography, recently sent along a PDF document that he has prepared on his recent work using lidar data accessed via OT to constrain meter-scale offsets along strike-slip faults in southern California. David's document provides an overview of the workflow involved in calculating surface slip offsets using LiDAR-derived DEMs and is a nice tutorial on how to access data from OT.

Death Valley - Fish Lake Valley Lidar Update

There has been some discussion recently regarding the status of the Death Valley-Fish Lake Valley lidar dataset collected on behalf of Principle Investigator Dr. James Dolan (USC) under the National Science Foundation GeoEarthScope project. These lidar data cover the Death Valley-Fish Lake Valley (DV-FLV) fault system on the California-Nevada border and are the last of the EarthScope funded lidar data to be made available through OpenTopography.

Remembering Kurt Frankel

Dr. Kurt Frankel was killed on July 2, 2011 while on a bicycle ride in northern Florida. This is unbelievably tragic and very sad news. Our thoughts and great memories of him go out to his family, friends and colleagues. The memorial below has been distributed via email to the Earth science community by several of his colleagues.

Tahoe Standard DEM Data

The final piece of the Lake Tahoe Lidar dataset - standard digital elevation model (DEM) and intensity rasters - are now available for download from the OpenTopography standard DEM page. These products, produced by Watershed Sciences, the vendor who performed the Tahoe data collection, consist of three separate data layers all at 0.5 meter resolution in the ERDAS Imagine (.IMG) format: