2011 NCALM Graduate Student Seed Proposal Call Open

Sep 7, 2011

Ramesh Shrestha, Director of the NSF National Center for Airborne Laser Mapping (NCALM) has announced NCALM's annual call for proposals to their graduate student seed project program. This program collects LiDAR data for up to ten graduate student PIs who require data for their research. Data collection is typically limited to 40 km2 per project and must be targeted at a basic research question in the geosciences. The proposal deadline is November 1, 2011. Email announcement:

The National Center for Airborne Laser mapping (NCALM) invites SEED proposals from Graduate Students PIs who need Airborne Laser Swath mapping (ALSM) data (generally covering no more than 40 square kilometers). Proposals must define a basic research question in the geosciences (broadly defined). No financial support is provided to the student, but it is hoped that the data from projects selected in this program will enable new research opportunities and lead to successful proposals for future research. Detail can be found by clicking the link below.